quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010


It's been so long since I met you.
Time seems to have passed so fast.
Many things happened, many people crossed our ways,
But we're still side by side, inseparable.

When everything seemed to be lost, your voice called me in the wind;
Your face appeared in my dreams;
You were there every minute of every day
And there was nothing to do because you're part of me.

Although I can't see you;
Although I can't touch you;
I can hear you at night, your breath next to me...
I can feel you like a warm breeze holding me.

When you say "Good night Love",
You make me as real as the ocean around you.
You make me as constant as the air you breathe.

I'll always be here, always waiting.
I won't give up on destiny... I'd go through it all,
'Cause all I've ever wished for, I can find in you!
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Jana disse...

That's my girl ! I loved it !
Usou as palavras certas !! ;)