sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

She's spinning so fast, she's empty,
She stops, she waits, she cries...
Nothing seems right, nothing seems to fit.
"I don't belong in this place" she says.

She looks around... It's so many people, so many faces,
So many voices telling her what to do...
But no one makes a difference and none of them really matter.
"What is the point to keep trying?" she wonders.
She's totally alone and completely tired; something is missing, she can feel it.
Nobody smiles and nobody cares.

"I'll always be there for you"... She laughs.
"I'll help you move on, I’ll be your crying shoulder, I'll make you believe in magic"... She laughs again.
She gives up… "There's no such a thing... There is no magic!"

Her heart stops beating.
She can't see or even breathe... It’s freezing out there.
There is no hug, no touch and no feelings.

One last breath, one last tear then she falls...
She hits the ground, she’s motionless.
Slowly she disappears... Two seconds and she is not there anymore!
The magic is lost, it’s over... It’s the end.


"Look at the stars and you'll feel me. Take a breath and you'll feel me. Sing my favorite song and you'll feel me... But just close your eyes and I'll be there."

2 comentários:

Jana disse...

Amiga, o texto está lindo... mto profundo que como vc sabe chegou até a me preocupar um pouco, rs. Acho que vc escreve com mta emoção, mas espero de verdade que vc não esteja se sentindo assim.
Te amo flor!

luiz gustavo disse...

florfúria. revolta de violetas num vaso vazio. onde tudo se esvai. indo para o fundo. forma. underground. coração. a cor ruptura da tarde. a noite arde salferida de estrelas. escarcéu...

giulia: tuas imagens são metáforas puras. concretas ??? teu texto é denso. parabéns...como teu sorriso...

by luiz gustavo pires (ilhapessoa@gmail.com)