domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

And while my head rests on my pillow,
The rest of me lie in your arms...
And in a while we are there, together warm again
I can feel you, can touch you, can see you...
Your heart beats fast,
I cant even breathe... We are just one.
You give me your hand, I hold it tight -
"Im with you babe, not going anywhere..."
Your lips, soft, lipstick taste, delicate like a flower,
And I am there strong and thorough like storm and thunder...
We look and smile, I get lost in your embrace and hold you close,
I can hear you say - "I am here babe, not going anywhere..."
I can still feel your hands, your fingers through my hair,
And your body next to mine as peaceful as heaven!
As morning comes I wake up in my bed, although alone,
I can still feel you, hear your heart beat
That I will carry with a smile on my face...
For the whole day.

Texto: Allan Martin Guildermann
Imagem: Autor Desconhecido

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